Thoughtnami Classics | Breaking Down Warner's "Quote" Talking About the Death of Kids' WB

Originally Posted 10/04/07 by Jeff Harris

As you've probably heard by now, 4Kids Entertainment, again, The WORST ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY IN THE WORLD, is now going to control 2/5 of Saturday morning programming on broadcast television after The CW handed them control of their Saturday morning block currently housed by Kids' WB. 4Kids is managing all aspects of both The CW and Fox in the 2008-09 season.

Now, Bruce Rosenblum, president of Warner Bros. Television, gave a statement yesterday to Variety Magazine essentially spinning the story of his division's apparent laziness and lack of confidence. He didn't say so much, but I broke down what he said for those that refuse to pay attention.

His words are quoted. My translations aren't.

"Clearly, this was an issue that we examined closely with our partners at CBS."

The same CBS Paramount Television that has access to a library of characters, including classic properties like TerryToons and television properties that could have been adapted to animated form easily like Star Trek, to develop new series for the CW's Saturday morning block, but didn't.

"We fully believe it makes the most business sense for The CW in this broadcast marketplace."

Yes, by handing over control of our lucrative, successful programming block, which has more viewers than our own primetime lineup, to our competitors, who've we've been beating for almost a decade in both the Fox Kids and 4KidsTV incarnations, we're making perfect sense with our decision to shut it down.

"That being said, Warner Bros. has a long, successful track record in the animation business and we absolutely intend to stay true to our heritage by producing world-class animated entertainment for the children's market be it for cable, direct-to-DVD, broadband, wireless and platforms of the future."

Because broadcast television is an albatross and a fool's game. Never mind the fact that there are still television viewers with no access to broadband, DVD, or cable television. They don't have money anyway, so why bother with them? Never mind the fact that within two years, we could have launched a stand-alone Kids' WB digital broadcast channel given the vast, untapped digital spectrum that's just around the corner. Does this mean we're going to give Cartoon Network the time of day now? Hell no. Don't be ridiculous. They're going in a more live-action direction and we have no need to partner with them now. That means we have to make shows, and our arms hurt.

"This is an important business that touches many of the Warner Bros. divisions and we have confidence that Lisa Judson and her team at Warner Bros. Animation will continue to build towards future opportunities."

Yes, by removing one of the few outlets where Warner Bros. Animation can be found, and the last broadcast television outlet at that, we have the utmost confidence in Ms. Judson and Warner Bros. Animation. Now, don't let the door hit you where the dog should have bit you.


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