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Originally Posted on 11/18/2002 by Jeff Harris

2001 had the most shows to premiere on Toonami and 1999 had the least.

The shows that premiered on Toonami in 1999 were the Toonami Movies/In-Flight Movies franchise, Powerpuff Girls, ReBoot, and Ronin Warriors. The shows that premiered on Toonami in 2001 were Outlaw Star, The Big O, Cardcaptors, Mobile Suit Gundam, 08th MS Team, Dragonball, Midnight Run Special Edition, Lockdown, Gundam 0080, Batman Beyond, and Zoids Zero on-air, Star Blazers, Patlabor, and Record of Lodoss War online, and Pokemon, YuGiOh!, Jackie Chan Adventures, X-Men Evolution, and Rescue Heroes on Kids' WB! short-lived "Toonami" (I refuse to recognize the non-action shows that aired, and you two KWB Toonami fans should be thankful I even mentioned the much-loathed block).

Why am I talking about these two? Well, I promised that I would talk about them later, and it's later. Another thing I promised to talk about later is the sudden name change that isn't . . . or is it?

You're deep in the belly of CNX: Toonami Revolution. An earlier name change? Forget about it. Let me explain . . .

Apparently, there has been some confusion from all parties. Including myself.

See, since June 1999, the site formerly known as CN2 Toonami Inner Circle (which launched in July 1998) has been known as CNX: Toonami Revolution. It is one of the net's oldest Toonami fansites. However, the name of the site has been confused with the UK's newest action-animation network powered by Cartoon Network UK, CNX. Now I can see where the confusion begins. I started my site to launch a campaign for Cartoon Network to launch a spinoff network dedicated to action-animation. CNX is a Cartoon Network spinoff network dedicated to action/animation. Combined with the fact that Brits seem to think that this site and the webmaster (which would be yours truly) are associated with the network of the same name. It happens. Instead of just scrapping my site's name altogether, which I should have done but felt it wasn't the right thing to do because, well, I had my name first in this action game, I decided to not emphasize the CNX name on the front page and embrace the Nami49 brand I have created. N49, short for Nami49 Productions, is the name of the group of sites as a whole, but the name of THIS SITE (the Watch This Space, Opinions, and other articles I might put around here) will always be known as CNX: Toonami Revolution until the day they pry it from my cold dead hands (intellectual rights will always remain with me, of course).

But then I got over it. I was like, and I don't mean to be crass, but, "screw the Brits!" CNX is my name, and to be honest, the N49 name didn't fit me well. I didn't want it to be permanent, and as you can see, it's not. Plus, the same UK writers STILL wrote me thinking that this an official CNX site. CNX: Toonami Revolution is not an official CNX site. It's just the FIRST one, still ran by a little ol' Virginian rebel.

Now, on to another thing. I'm no longer a reporter for Toon Zone News. Why not? Well, for starters, no time. Second, they have enough reporters. And finally, I need to concentrate on my site a little more. So, I've decided to be a part of something that personifies the spirit of the Revolution. Toonami Infolink, launched by Tyler L. and Zogg of Toonami Digital Arsenal, is a news site dedicated to all things Toonami, from the latest events in the world of the block to future video releases. The news by the community for the community. What a concept!

And now for something completely different. I know that I haven't made new additions in the Hall for Infinite Losers. There are so many, but I can't put them all there. So, starting now, I'm going to present an award to a total loser in the entertainment industry that, well, just doesn't get it. They're so oblivious about the way of the world, they pretend to acknowledge that it doesn't exist. Or they're actually contributing to the mess that we're in. Thus, the HFIL Oblivious Individual of the Week Award is born, and the first award goes to AOL Time Warner's Jeffrey Bewkes for being completely blind to the infighting within Cartoon Network and Kids' WB as well as Jamie Kellner's conflict of interest at his position. According to the Wall Street Journal, he said the following quote:

"(Kellner) doesn't have a financial interest in any decision that affects the WB vis a vis the Turner networks (which are) performing better than they were before Jamie took the job."

Wow. I mean, you would have guessed that entertainment execs like Mr. Bewkes would read Nielsen reports that say that TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network, CNN, Headline News and TCM have dropped a couple of points over a year before the Corporate Smirk came in. Oh, and the fact that the LA-friendly Kellner prefers his favorite son over the Atlanta-based Turner nets doesn't bother you either. Ladies and gents, the first ever HFIL Oblivious Individual of the Week Award. You earned it, buddy!

Anyway, got to get back to work. I want to talk about the factors that caused TOM to finally react after over a year of not talking to the fans. But where's a section where I can express my opinions on this very site? Hmmm . . . guess I'll figure that out later.

Until we are one, later.
Jeff Harris
CNX Creator/Webmaster
November 18, 2002


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