Gephyrophillia #228

Originally Posted on 03/23/2011 by Jeff Harris

Fear not. Another hole in the continuity of The X Bridge, so, another new article to fill it. Enjoy. - jh

Iíve realized why I havenít updated The X Bridge for a while now.

Iíve learned that Iím absolutely wrong all the time. At least thatís the vibe I get from folks around me and the feedback from people that tend to read the scrawlings of someone considered a relic of a by-gone era.

Iím on the wrong side of the nearly every major issue. On the discussion of the new Looney Tunes show coming to Cartoon Network , Iím clearly on the wrong side because I actually support its creation and look forward to it. Iím some kind of weirdo because those that want to damn it and everybody involved to hell seem to be so prominent in the forums and such. And Iím obviously crazy and wrong in wanting to see someone put their interpretations of characters created more than 70 years ago.

When it comes to the animated films of Pixar, Iím definitely in the wrong for feeling that every movie they make isnít the greatest animated film ever made ever. When I say that Wall-E was just okay, Up was a bit uneven, or Toy Story 3 was The Brave Little Toaster with toys, people see me as someone whoís not only wrong, but also someone who threw mud on a white sofa. How dare I criticize Pixar and their great, great films! Why do I have to be hatiní on Pixar? Why do I have a bizarre axe to grind against Pixar? Itís not that at all. Iím just not of the school that every Pixar film is a masterpiece. Theyíre brilliant, mind you, but every story has the same framing sequence: Arrogant/anxious character threatened by newcomer/not belonging in a situation, find themselves lost in trying to get out of that threatening place, finds a guide to help them get back to a more comfortable face and a foe determined to keep them far away from that comfortable place, a chase sequence, and a saccharine ending that pulls on your heartstrings.

Thatís the Pixar formula. I cracked it. Might be wrong there too.

Iím also wrong about feeling that Japanese animation like Pokemon, Bakugan, Beyblade, and Yu-Gi-Oh are anime titles, because every otaku under the sun say that theyíre not. Iím wrong for thinking that theyíre not anime titles because theyíve been edited and neutered so much that theyíre now American shows only. I say something I think is witty at the time like ďIf you neuter a dog, it doesnít become a cat,Ē but that falls on deaf ears because to them, apparently if you do neuter a dog, it meows rather than barks.

Oh, and donít get me started on other things. Iíve called Time Warner the most poorly-ran entertainment company on the planet, and yet, Iíve been proven wrong all the time. For starters, NBC Universalís pretty bad (that whole Conan/Leno situation was proof of their ineptitude) as is Viacom (itís bad enough when they accused YouTube of copyright infringement, but itís another when Viacom infringes on the copyrights of YouTube users themselves). Admittedly, I really was way off about Time Warner being the most poorly-ran entertainment company on the planet. Theyíve gotten better. Itís those two idiots trying to transform Cartoon Network into Not Cartoon Network that soured by view of the company. The situationís better now than it was when I initially made that statement.

I guess what Iím saying is that if you like what you read here, you probably shouldnít, especially since so many people say Iím wrong for having these opinions. But you know what? Iím okay being wrong or at least getting people saying that Iím wrong.

Thatís proof that theyíre actually listening to what I have to say.

Keep creating.

Jeff Harris,
Creator/Webmaster, The X Bridge.


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