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Originally Posted on 06/01/2011 by Jeff Harris

The new Big 7 of the DC Universe (sorry Martian Manhunter)As I've said in the previous Gephyrophillia article, I am cautiously optimistic about this Brave New DC World. It's not easy rebooting an entire continuity from the ground up, but DC has done twice before. In a way, it's a 25-year reboot. They did it in the late 1950s and they did it in the late 1980s. The thing is that in the era of the Big Events has spoiled the older, hardcore fans into thinking that everything comes before a huge change needs a BIGGER THAN BIG EVENT before it happens.

The thing is, well, for about half a decade, they've been working towards all of this. From Infinite Crisis to 52 to Final Crisis to Blackest Night to Brightest Day to Flashpoint have all been this long world-altering event. You have the same architects and the same creators behind the scenes. Even World's End at WildStorm was part of this event. Here's a quote many people may have missed last year from DC Comics' co-publisher (and WildStorm's founder) Jim Lee:

"In fact, Dan DiDio, Geoff Johns and myself have already crafted what [the WildStorm characters'] future fate will be, and we are excited to be sharing that with the readers in the coming year."

And I think this 52-title reboot of the DC Universe is the culimnation of everything started with Infinite Crisis. Not Identity Crisis. That was just tragic, not a world-changer. There are going to be questions about everything that happens with the revised DC Universe, but questions will rise. There are a few that I have not pertaining to who's going to write the titles I enjoy, of Barbara Gordon becomes Batgirl again (I would totally hate that), how the WildStorm universe will play a role (it will play a role), or if the Clark/Lois marriage will last or be "One More Day"-ed:

1. How many Flash/Green Lanterns/Batmen are on this world now?

2. If this version of Batman is in his 20s, who is Robin now? Tim Drake? Damien Wayne if he even exists? Jason Todd? Dick Grayson? Stephanie Brown?

3. Did Superman die? If he didn't, do Superboy, the Eradicator, Steel, and the Cyborg Supermasn exist? Also, if they don't, is Coast City still standing? If it's still standing, did Hal Jordan go crazy, became infected with the Parallax, destroy the Corp, caused the events that brought Kyle Rayner the GL Ring, and later the events that caused Hal Jordan to be revived?

4. Who will make up the Teen Titans and the Outsiders? See my query about Robin since two identities of that character are the backbones of both teams.

5. Considering the Endless, Swamp Thing, and Constantine have found their way back into the DC Universe proper in recent months, will other Vertigo characters formerly based in the DCU have a place in the new DCU?

6. What about the licensed characters integrated in the DCU? The Spirit, Doc Savage, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, the Red Circle characters, and the Milestone "Dakotaverse" characters would bring a lot of diversity and franchises in this new DCU, but how would they be integrated in the new continuity? WOULD they be integrated in the new continuity?

7. How will the past continuity really fit in the new continuity? They've said that some things and origins will be altered and others would remain intact. But what will be washed out in the light and what will remain canon?

8. Who will be revived? Will we see Sue and Ralph Dibny back in the land of the living? How about seeing Jack Knight becoming Starman once again? How about some of the Infinity Inc. characters that were introduced during 52? There's a lot of characters that could easily return in this reboot. Considering there are going to be 52 core titles, one wonders if there's going to be enough characters to fill them all.

Wish I had 10 questions, but I don't. I think eight is enough in this case. I remain cautiously optimistic. Should be a fun time at DC.

Keep creating.

Jeff Harris,
Creator/Webmaster, The X Bridge.


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